Anti Dandruff Treatments

The best dandruff shampoo aims to cure the main causes of dandruff – flakes, itchiness, and excess oil, while relaxing irritation and inflammation.  Controlling flaking and itching are the primary duties of a restorative shampoo, yet alleviating the causes help eliminate future symptoms and restore scalp health.Dandruff symptoms are caused by several factors – excessive oil production by sebaceous glands, scalp and skin allergies due to paraben preservatives or harsh surfactants, product build-up, or inflammation. A major cause of dandruff is an oily scalp. Excessive oil clogs pores, traps dirt, and inflames scalp tissue. As irritation worsens, flakes form. White or yellow flaking and scaling can turn out to be severe if oil is not controlled. The best dandruff shampoo controls oils while "clarifying" and irrigating pores of dirt, oil, bacteria and fungus. Harsh preservatives and surfactants are also considered “suspect #1”.  Many shampoos use cleansers that get your hair clean, but irritate the scalp – causing itching.  Same applies to preservatives.  Paraben-free  preservatives are gentle on the scalp, while still providing maximum preservation of the product without interfering with deep-cleaning action.

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As a vital note, severe dryness can also cause scalp itch and flakes. However, this is a rare occurrence; it makes dandruff-like symptoms and requires a moisturizing shampoo for treatment. Using Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, or as topical applications will reduce dryness while an Emu shampoo will provide daily relief and add moisture to the scalp and hair which can be the best dandruff shampoo.

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Zinc PCA can be one of the most useful active ingredients which is used in best dandruff shampoo for dandruff. Zinc PCA is a naturally-derived compound used extensively (and proven) to regulate oil production from sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands are associated with follicle pores and produce sebum. Sebum protects the follicle shaft, adds moisture, and helps infuse nutrients.

Botanical extracts such as Sage, Ivy Burdock, or Thyme have been shown to work very well at cleaning while soothing irritation and reducing inflammation. They reduce itchiness, clean product build-up from styling aids, and work well for dandruff control.

The best dandruff shampoo addresses the primary causes of flaking and irritation and leaves your hair and scalp clean and refreshed.

So to start off with, I guess I should probably describe exactly what dandruff is. Well, dandruff is basically when newer skin cells push your old skin cells on your head to the surface, making them visible. So really, everyone has dandruff because everyone does shed his or her skin every couple weeks or so. But what classifies an individual, as having dandruff is the fact that they have a fungus on their head that essentially acts as a catalyst and speeds up the entire process, causing them to shed their skin at a much faster rate. To treat dandruff, only the best dandruff shampoo would suffice.

There are currently several dandruff shampoos on the market, and I’m sure many of you have heard and seen some of the commercials on television. The thing with choosing the best dandruff shampoo is that it has to essentially do one thing, and that is to kill the fungus. Some shampoos out there do not necessarily kill the fungus but rather reduce the visibility of the flakes. One thing you should look for when buying your anti-dandruff shampoo is a product that contains either zinc or Ketoconazole. Why these two? Well, there have been many studies done on the effectiveness of these chemicals in the elimination of the fungus.

Just as a side note, in order for you to have noticeable results from using these shampoos, you need to leave the shampoo in your hair for at least 20 minutes, and not the 5 minutes stated on the packaging. Also, try not to use the same product continuously, but rather alternate between two or three different products to prevent your body from getting used to one particular type. One should also be aware that there are much cheaper natural alternatives that can be made in your own kitchen and are just as effective in killing the fungus.

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