What Causes Psoriasis

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Our skin is composed of two different layers namely: the epidermis and the dermis. The former is the outer layer and the latter is the innermost layer. Normal skin is constantly shed off every 30 days to be replaced by new skin made in the dermis. Acceleration of this process is what causes psoriasis.

What are the Psoriasis Causes? Psoriasis is a chronic condition wherein the skin replenishes too quickly that there is accumulation of dead skin on the surface. This is evident by the dry white silvery flakes found on most psoriasis patients. Affected skin is often reddened due to the increase of blood supply in the dermis that facilitates the abnormal increase in production of new skin cells.


Know before it’s too late through the signs of Psoriasis. Psoriasis is a common skin disorder with a statistical data of about 120 million people affected worldwide. Many people often wonder what causes psoriasis and how a person can acquire such a disease. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder wherein the immune system malfunctions, particularly the T cells which are part of the white blood cell group. These T cells are our body’s main defense against pathogens that causes infections. When we are injured or we acquired an infection the T cells will be activated to trigger the immune response of clumping to the area of injury to fight off the bacteria and repair damaged tissue in the process. What causes psoriasis is when the T cells are activated in the absence of an infection or injury. This phenomenon causes the skin to regenerate faster than its maturity thus giving the skin the reddish, inflamed and flaky appearance.

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 Home Remedies For Psoriasis


What causes psoriasis and its remedies

A person suffering from severe psoriasis shows signs of psoriasis are sometimes hard to look at especially with the profound red patches all over the body with its dry, crusty skin peeling off. One may be misled into thinking that the condition is very painful judging from the looks of it. Although the disease is not contagious, what causes psoriasis can happen to practically anyone of us. However there is an increased chance of having the disease if a family member has one. Research shows that not all people with a familial history of the disease will develop psoriasis. It is important to know that what causes psoriasis or what triggers its signs of psoriasis can be any of the following factors.

Environmental factors – an abrupt change in weather can trigger the onset of psoriasis. Hot and cold temperatures can be one of the reasons for what causes psoriasis, its onset and severity.

Stress – an enormous amount of stress or exhaustion can also trigger flare ups for individuals diagnosed with psoriasis causes.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Infection and Injury of the Skin – certain types of psoriasis causes flare ups follow a subsequent infection in the body thus can be categorized as a triggering factor. Dry skin that is constantly scratched and cause a flare up of psoriasis as well.

Drugs – some medicines when ingested by patients with psoriasis disease their symptoms to shoot up. Drugs classified as anti-malarial, progesterone pills, and some heart medications can be a triggering factor to what causes psoriasis flare ups in individuals already suffering from the disease and to those who do not have it as well.

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